For more than two decades, Dan Donovan has been involved with the mediation process. He has represented broker-dealers, investment advisers and individuals, and has assisted them in achieving the resolution of disputes through mediation. Dan has effectively advocated legal positions and successfully guided many clients through the mediation process.

In addition, for the past few years Dan has served as a mediator. As a mediator, he has successfully assisted parties in resolving their disputes. Dan employs a combination of evaluative, facilitative and transformative approaches, as called for by the facts and the nature of the parties and their relationship. Dan continues to stay involved in the process following an in person mediation session, for as long as there is a reasonable possibility that a settlement can be reached.

Mediation can be an effective and cost efficient way to resolve disputes of many types. We encourage you to contact us if you seek an experienced mediator or need assistance in mediating a dispute.